Universal Design Modular Home

Universal Design Modular Home

3 Beds + 2 Baths

A beautiful, accessible and adaptable space, our Universal Modular Home creates a place of comfort and refuge where deep connections with nature can be forged.


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The Design

A free-flowing design that emulates sculpture in the built form.

Carefully structured battens allow the sun and wind to slip through delicately, establishing natural patterns and providing life, drama and movement across the spaces within. Light and shade dance in unison across the interior spaces that may have otherwise been static in nature.

Playful architectural forms have been arranged to frame the surrounding views from within. The ability to observe the expansive open landscape without being seen strengthens the feeling of safety and privacy.

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Organic compositions and materials have been utilised to create a dynamic and visually beautiful form both within and without, affording the occupants the opportunity to immerse themselves within the natural environment.

Spatially, the east-facing main bedroom allows for harmony with the natural weather systems, greeting the day with the rising sun. A second bedroom has been designed for flexibility, with the capacity to be utilised as a careers unit or for evolving future needs.


Accessibility has been achieved internally with the inclusion of open corridors, enhanced doorway widths and accessible wet areas and bedrooms. The home is equipped for both current accessibility requirements and is also adaptable for future needs also we are NDIS Specialist with Disability Accommodation. Accessible verandahs wrap around the dwelling, allowing for ease of access, shade from the sun and screening from harsher weather elements.

Although one size doesn’t fit all, through our Universal Design Modular Home, we aim to enhance and improve the quality of life for all and recognise the complexities of diverse needs.

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