Southern Highlands House

Southern Highlands House

3 Bed +2.5 Bath, Custom Design.

‘Gandangara Country’

The design: a low-maintenance and elegant escape. The client wanted to entertain friends and family while being conscious of their environmental impact.

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The Design

The House is designed to maximise its outdoor surroundings & the views towards the Tarlo River Gap & National Park. The arced shape bends around the contours of the terrain, ensuring the House sits cohesively with the rugged landscape and makes the most of the northern aspects. As the property is remote, modular construction was a perfect choice, eliminating the stress & expense of getting trades to the rural site for a typical onsite build. The prefab method also ensures that the clients have our experienced Project Managers overseeing the build in a controlled facility with our team of experienced tradesmen.

The design intent was to incorporate a central lobby area, which holds together two other modules, creating a welcoming entryway and providing a space to mediate the entertaining zones from the bedrooms & bathrooms of the home. Ensuring both guests & residents have plenty of privacy and can still experience a level of seclusion while all under one roof. This knuckle also provides a perfect transitional place to remove belongings & include storage for the comings and goings of the day. Another ability of this core feature is to give the clients the option to open and close the two sections of the House. Providing an airlock for greater control over the temperature and acoustics of their home, especially when being conscious of conserving utilities, such as power.

Designed for Life

The Southern Highlands House is an excellent example of the power of our custom modular designs. After a free 1 hour consultation in our studio, the clients moved into the design development stage. An extensive briefing session & site visit was conducted. The clients were able to collaborate directly with our Senior In-house Architect to tailor a home derived from the way they live & the features of their property. The result was a forever home which is well suited to the individual lifestyle needs of both clients, both now and in the future.

Sustainable Features

The House was perfectly positioned on its acreage to make the most of passive design principles, ensuring plenty of cross ventilation throughout the home maximising the breezes that come through the valley. It also delivers a light and bright home, making the most of northern sunlight reducing heating and cooling costs. Awnings & pergolas adorn the building, providing visual interest and all-important shade & protection from the harsh summer sun.

Connected to the grid but could go off-grid if desired. The House will come with a 25,000L water tank in addition to the 75,000L tanks that currently exist on the property. The 15kw existing solar system will be upgraded and connected to the House once onsite. A wood burner for the winter months will provide another sustainable, cost-saving feature, providing an alternate heat source and ambience to the living areas. Through clever design choices and the inclusion of eco-friendly materials and technologies, this is a home both the client and the planet will feel good about.

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