Simple things
done well.

From concept to completion, our process is simplified over 3 phases, design, document and deliver, we manage everything for you. We keep you involved at each stage, striking a balance between minimising stress and maximising your influence on the final result.

01. Connect.

We delight in empowering you with clear direction for your project. Connect with us to discover our collaborative approach in designing, building and delivering beautiful and sustainable architecturally inspired buildings that are customised to your life, your site and vision.

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Introductory meeting.

Our process starts with an introductory meeting where we capture the big ideas, outline actionable strategies that will allow us to generate the best results. Using an integrated approach, we have created clear steps that will assist us to drive you towards your ultimate goal of opening up your door and stepping across the threshold and into your new house.

Your Design.

All our designs are easily customised to suit your specific brief, your budget, and your site to deliver the right solutions, 50% quicker than a traditional project.

End-to-end solution.

Connect with us to see how our end-to-end solution is set to change the architectural marketplace.

02. Discover.

Every sites potential is unique. Once our Discovery Stage is activated, our fresh perspective will shine a light on where the opportunities of your site lie. It is a unique opportunity of collaborating with our Architectural Team and their decades of experience in delivering internationally acclaimed projects.

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Perfect fit – for your site, brief and budget.

After project engagement, we arrange a time for our Architect to attend site and carry out their assessment. Armed with this knowledge, we bounce concept ideas within the Studio to develop a purposed fit design specific for your site, brief and budget.

Fixed costs and timelines.

Once costed by our Manufacturing Supplier Estimating department, we will present back to you a personalised design response that has been professionally costed and crafted with a runway to completion mapped out with realistic time frames. Our 3D views, mood boards, Cost Plans and Architectural drawings will immerse you into the reality of your future house and life.

03. Crafted.

Every design needs crafting to create a unique architectural home. We will distil the concept to inspire your space, facilitating and co-creating with a process that unites the consultant team, the delivery team and you.

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Interior Design Package.

This is the inspiring and creative finish line you’ve been looking forward to. Our highly experienced Architectural Team will guide you through a stunning array of finishes and fixtures to help you achieve the exact look you are after. Our goal is to provide all the design expertise and guidance so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the options.

Documentation Package.

Coordinating, directing and unifying the Project Team, we will document the required information that will be collated to produce a final package that will be used for building contract execution and permits.

04. Manufacture.

Arkular and our Leading Manufacturing Supplier are proud to produce the highest quality prefabricated construction in all of Australia. Our process is unique, our synergies are collaborative and our relationships long. We strive to make relationships thrive to deliver unsurpassed architectural outcomes.

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Built in as little as 12 weeks.

With the building contract executed, the manufacturing of our buildings may take as little as 12 weeks to complete. Our Project Coordinator will step you through each stage of the building process. We work alongside our Manufacturing Supplier to ensure the quality of our product is assured and its architectural intent is maintained.

Progress Claims

Progress Claims for this stage of work will be much like other builds you’ve experienced and will be broken down as follows. Building Deposit (5%), base stage (10%), frame stage (15%), roofing (10%), windows (10%), lock up (20%), internal linings (5%), joinery (7.5%), and carpentry (10%).

05. Deliver.

Its hard to believe that your house will be delivered one day and completed in as little as two weeks once arriving on site ticking off the finishing touches, services connections, and outdoor decking (if applicable).

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Fast installation.

Our Manufacturing Supplier installation team may only spend a single day placing your house onto site, and as little as two weeks fitting off and commissioning your house.

Less stress and distruption and best of all enjoyable.

Imagine the lack of disruption to you and your family’s life with such an extraordinary delivery time frame. The manufacturing process is not your typical building procurement but married with a unique architectural solution, one would have to believe it’s the smart solution.

06. Open the Door to your new home.

Arkular will conduct a handover of your new home and present you with your keys. Our unique service details the most effective ways to care for your new home and how best to maximise the efficiency of its sustainable features to bring your home to life. At this time we will present your homes building maintenance guide and warranties and your personal mindful living guide that we have thoughtfully put together.

Move in day.

You home – just as you asked.

The design and detail will be exactly as you’d requested, and the regular guidance will have made the process an absolute breeze.

Holistic vision from the inside-out .

Sustainability for Arkular is not just about our buildings; it is a holistic vision from the inside-out incorporated into our everyday encounters, our health and wellness, relationships, and community.

We wish so much happiness in your new home. We hope to positively “change the way you live”