As an Australian lifestyle agency, Arkular has curated a beautiful & attainable, sustainable range of prefabricated architectural modular homes to bring your experiences alive in a tree, sea, or city environment. We believe good, sustainable design creates a better life and planet for all.

Rural designs and floorplans.

Coastal designs and floorplans.

City designs and floorplans.

Modular Architecture.

At Arkular, we’re dedicated to helping our customers define their place in the home and their home’s place in the world. We design homes for the Australian landscape. We stick to our strengths – beautiful architecture, and partner with a network of world-class modular manufacturers who play to theirs – cost-effective, skilful builds, prefabricated and delivered to your site.

Explore our projects.

Explore our projects.

Why Arkular?
Simplicity. Certainty.

With Arkular in your corner, you’ll be free from the seesawing stress of a go-between role between the architect and the builder. Instead, as a pioneering model for the Australian market, we make it an easy and cost-efficient way to design and build custom, high-quality, sustainable homes.

by nature.

Arkular are more than just architects, we are lifestyle enablers. We believe in making great sustainable design as unique as the environment around it, and the people inside.

Less house,
more home.

As we evolve, your homes should too. We ensure our buildings are high-performing and energy efficient with world-class Passive Solar Design. Our homes are healthier to live in, more comfortable, and less costly to run. For us, homes are not fashion accessories but enduring testaments to our relationship with nature. That’s why every Arkular home is more than a house. It’s a legacy left to the next generation.

Explore our sustainability approach.

Explore our sustainability approach.

Fast, reliable
and affordable.

What our clients like most about our modular approach is the quick and easy streamlined design-construct process, our fixed costs and timelines, and our robust construction team – which saves you time and money.

We’re creators and collaborators
from concept to completion.

As a company, we know what we’re good at – designing homes that respond to the owner and surrounding environment. Our qualified in-house architects draw inspiration from your land, its surrounds, and your authentic style; we listen to you. As a creative lifestyle agency, we understand the goal is exceptional service and happy clients.

Explore our approach.

Explore our approach.

Let's make something great together.

We partner with a network of modular builders across the country to take Arkular’s award-winning designs and turn them into forever homes. Our building partners deliver scale, cost-effectiveness, and rapid turnaround, meaning it’s never been easier to design your dream home.

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