We are bona fide lifestyle enablers and genuinely passionate about the extraordinary positive benefits our sustainable modular homes will have on your future.

Our Approach.

The Studio.

At Arkular, our strength rests in our ability in designing sustainable and innovative modular spaces customized to your land and its unique environment. Coupled with regular communication, our clients benefit from a clear vision and pathway forward to living in their new homes. We offer an end-to-end service with your very own team, who will take the stress away from the process of building a home. We’re accomplished at all types of projects, no matter the challenge and fast-track the end result.

Our Collaborative Team.

Through a collaborative approach, we achieve impressive architectural homes. Our beautifully crafted, modular homes are prefabricated to maximise efficiency, minimise time frames, and streamline the rewarding and exciting process. Along with our talented Architects, we also boast interior designers and project managers who are collectively responsible for the evolution of our signature style you see on this website.

Leading the way in
Sustainable Modular

Australian-made, Sustainable, and Locally sourced.

We believe in using the best locally sourced materials & systems wherever possible. We always choose the most sustainable options available when making decisions, and we encourage our staff, external contractors & suppliers to do the same when they work alongside us. We lead by example.

Quality, Modular Architectural Design & Build.

Given the unique skill base of our organisation in design and sustainability. There is no reason to look anywhere else – a combination of the best in modular technology & construction paired with architectural design. Our service is designed to remove any anxiety or confusion by providing you with an amazing opportunity to understand your site’s true potential from an experienced Architect’s perspective. We are dedicated to achieving the best outcome within your budget from conception to completion.

Controlled Building Facility

Smarter, Faster, Prefab.

Arkular partners with a select network of modular builders in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, and South Australia to take Arkular’s award-winning designs and turn them into forever homes. Our Modular Building partners deliver scale, cost-effectiveness, a national footprint, and rapid turnaround, meaning it’s never been easier to design your dream home.

Our Arkular homes are prefabricated through strictly meticulous craftsmen and trades that excel at balancing beauty and technology. Our engaged clients are welcome to celebrate the attention to detail with a scheduled walk-through of your property.

Our prefabricated modules are built in our manufacturing supplier’s controlled building facility and delivered to your site. Collaboratively, we work as a team to ensure that the end product reflects our Architectural intent and that, at every stage, you are brought along the journey of your new home.


We work with you to understand your site and your outcomes to deliver your ultimate home. Our team is well versed in crafting buildings on the land to enable a better life through sustainable living.

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