Kangaroo Valley House

Kangaroo Valley House

3 Bed +2.5 Bath, Custom Design.

Picturesque bushland, spectacular views and the rolling Kangaroo River, our Kangaroo Valley House is surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty.

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The Design

Utilising passive design principles, the home reaps the benefits of cross ventilation, maximising breezes that come through the valley, with the addition of floor-to-ceiling louvres to expel hot air.

A contemporary bush design, the home was intended to enhance indoor-outdoor flow, with open living-dining and an expansive patio leading out onto the pool area.

The design prioritises the northern light to deliver a bright and airy home, whilst also reducing heating and cooling costs. A butterfly roof with a box gutter and large eaves provides additional shading and weather protection throughout the varying seasons, with a chain box down pipe installed to manage water overflow.

Sustainable Features

Through clever design choices and the inclusion of eco-friendly materials and technologies, this is a home both the client and the planet will feel good about.


A masonry plinth grounds the building to the landscape, providing visual contrast against the lighter metal cladding. The addition of a galvanised steel roof pays homage to the quintessential Australian agricultural setting, whilst Colorbond interlock cladding in grey has been chosen to harmonise with the landscape and for its architectural finish.

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