Shoreham House

Shoreham House

4 Bed + 2 Bath.

Shoreham is a small town on the eastern shoreline of the Mornington Peninsula. The design draws inspiration from the Banksia Integrifolia native to the site. This house shape allows for light-filled rooms that frame the coastal bush that includes all amenities needed for a couple who want a relaxing sea change.


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The Design

This design shows how far Arkular has taken modular homes. Drawing inspiration from the Banksia Integrifolia native to the site in its form. Architecturally cleaver in its response to cultivating this Mornington Peninsula coastal site. The design is robust yet sustainable, achieved through integrating a segmented facade with east-facing rooms that capture the sun passively heating the home. This repetition of the line also blends the house into the environment. A home that maximises the landscape from the inside and is settled from the out.


The open-plan living-dining room is the central point of the home, Bathed in northern light, with windows that capture the coastal bush to the south. Branching off this space is the bedroom wing, a master with all the amenities and views that will be accessible for years. Spare bedrooms are made up for friends and family to stay positioned for privacy and comfort. Sliding doors can break up the spaces, allowing sustainable living and opening to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


Kobe cement bonded wood Composite is an environmentally sustainable composite material created by a local business that combines the best properties of wood and cement. By being a highly compressed mixture of sustainable plantation eucalyptus wood particles, Portland cement, mineralising agents and water, it’s a material that centres the design within the landscape while also giving back. Paired with the iconic Australian colour bond and Silver Top Ash, it grounds the whole structure in the coastal Shoreham environment. Through clever design choices and the inclusion of eco-friendly materials and technologies, this is a home both the client and the planet will feel good about.


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