Image: Ark T2

Arkulars Range of tree change Inspired Homes

Welcome to Arkulars tree range – a set of designs that have been carefully crafted to harness the potential of the Australian rural lifestyle.

With the burnout of the past few years still being felt, a quiet home surrounded by nature has never been more alluring.

A tree change has never been easier, with regional cities now more equipped with all the necessary amentities and the ability to work from home still a viable option for many.

Ark Tree Range 2: A consciously balanced rural retreat

The T2 provides the perfect balance within its considered energy-efficient T shape footprint.

Two interconnecting modules create “the knuckle”, a joining interface that becomes the formal entrance between the private and communal zones.

This home captures clever passive solar gains to keep a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Learn more about our Ark T2 Design.

Image: Ark T2

Howqua House

Howqua is a beautiful part of rural Victoria, with the site rising above the Howqua river flats with a lovely northerly aspect surrounded by a fruit orchard.

The family has a very outdoors lifestyle yet also desires a space to protect them from the winds that blow up the hill. The home has been designed as two forms, joined by an entry knuckle that hugs the north-facing deck that captures the winter sun and provides a private sanitary for the distillery.

During summer, the house expands out, opening up so that occupants can enjoy indoor-outdoor living and surrounding views.

View the Howqua floor plan and more details.

Image: Howqua House

Considerations of Living in Rural Areas

1. BAL Rating

A major consideration when looking to design and build in rural Australian areas is the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), which measures the severity of a building’s potential exposure to an ember attack.

Arkular’s Flame Zone home has been specifically designed for a BAL Flame Zone site. This flameproof home concept is designed for a specific site, but changes can be made to fit across sites in Victoria, NSW and Queensland. 

For more information about BAL rating and Flame Zone Home, view our blog post on building in Australian Bushfire Prone Areas. 

Give a Tree Change a go 

With the increasing hustle and bustle of modern life, a tree change has never seemed like a better choice.

At Arkular, we take careful consideration into the individual needs and specific requirements of the surrounding landscape, to create a uniquely designed home. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve the perfect tree-change retreat.

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