Nestled amongst the trees is Arkulars latest prefab escape.

We recently took a trip down to the beautiful beaches of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria to capture one of the newest Arkular builds. Although only about an hour from the Melbourne CBD, this Lakehouse makes you feel worlds away. Proving again, collaboration between like-minded businesses drives best outcome. We are so proud of this collaborative project and are happy to announce and share the successful completion of the Agricultural Lakehouse working alongside our Manufacturing Partner and allied consultants.

This elegant linear design was created to accommodate a family who wanted a place to retreat. A space to be shared with friends and family, and maximise the outdoor surrounds, with a large outdoor deck perfect for entertaining. The deck flows out grandly to meet the expansive lake, with the building positioned on its side to ensure maximum light and views to the south whilst expansive windows to the north allow sun to flow throughout. The Scandinavian-inspired design perfectly harmonises with its environment and resonates with the people who call it home.

How Arkular design.

At Arkular, we believe the strength of prefabricated modular architecture lies in its flexibility. The Agricultural Lakehouse adapts to its environment and the people who spend time inside and surrounding it—built as a retreat, this space gives life and promotes happiness through its design. Whether feeling burnt out, seeking a getaway, solo retreat, or even a fun weekend with friends, the design energies the occupants by catering to them.

We packed so much in a small footprint.

With Arkular, less really is more. Merricks spaces are efficient in every possible way. The carefully considered plan uses Japanese design principles to minimise wasted space. With a bed that folds away to become a yoga studio, a space for meditating, or housing friends for some sauna therapy and cool water plunging, it’s up to you. Overall, space that consistently reconnects the internal space to the famous Australian outdoors. The expansive sliding doors lead to the endless patio, and stepping stones blend into the land beyond. One can not help but explore a place like this.


Quirks are good! 

Every home should represent the quirks of those who spend time there. After all, it’s these same qualities that make an Arkular design different from the rest. The sauna, for example, cannot be questioned as it’s needed for the client to value this space, and the team knew this and made it an area of focus. Also, when the weather turns and the wind picks up, one is hard-pressed to find a better place to be.

The Nordic Cycle

Sometimes referred to as the Nordic Cycle, the “hot sauna cold plunge” triggers the blood vessels to constrict rapidly and therefore elevates blood pressure. The benefits of the “hot sauna cold plunge”are both physical and psychological, and immediately noticeable.

Many say Saunas help with blood circulation, inflammation, pain reduction, improved cardiovascular function, sleep, stress and skin rejuvenation. These potential positive effects make it all the more critical that this retreat offers space for mind and body healing.

Source: Saunafin.com

If the design doesn’t elevate the surroundings, it takes away from them.

We hold this idea close to us at Arkular hence why sustainability principles and Arkulars designs are so respectful of what’s around. Not only because the prefab construction allows for minimal damage to the surroundings, and the minimising waste techniques employed throughout the offsite construction are a priority. But the future-proofing application to every Arkular building is of the highest standard as a home should be a home for tomorrow; beautiful and sustainable is the Arkular way.

The garden master plan.

A bush garden, a personal beach and a natural lake were designed by Eckersley Garden landscaping which really capped off this contemporary rural-coastal house. Cheeky Nature Landscapes were an integral part in tying the project together from the ground up including landscaping construction, planting, floating pontoons, diving boards, pier construction and reticulated streams flowing through the landscape.

Landscape Collaborators:
Eckersley Garden Architecture
Cheeky Nature Landscapes

We know the right materials to use.

We created architecturally designed, carefully engineered spaces that have been brought to life with the highest quality materials. These materials are selected to consistently adapt to their environment, so people’s comfort is maximised.

The architectural language of The Agricultural Lakehouse exterior is reminiscent of its bush surroundings. The house’s exterior includes a combination of sustainably sourced natural timbers and Colorbonds Nailstrip a durable, sustainable and virtually maintenance-free offering a softer textured appearance. Black trims, pergolas, and window frames with the occasional architectural shroud outline the structure and tie all the materials together. Deck and pergola additions create extra visual interest outside, creating an excellent bridging space between structure and garden. The beautiful rectangular forms are treated in modest materials – completing a form that is both honest and architectural in simple elegance. These materials are not only aesthetically pleasing but hardy, bushfire compliant, and extremely low maintenance, making them the ideal choice for the rural environment. As a result, you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time looking after it.

Source Colorbond Sustainability and Thermal Efficiency

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