Fish Creek House

Fish Creek House

‘Boonwurrung country’

3 Bed + 2 Bath, Base design Ark S2

The Fish Creek House was born from the land, a direct response to the rural coastal environment. The concept was to create a small, eco-friendly, off-grid haven. A refuge, designed to reconnect its clients with nature.

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The Design

Fish Creek House was designed to maximize sustainability & liveability. Spaces within are light filled and naturally ventilated by using passive design principles. Oriented towards the north to capture sunrise and moonlight. This careful positioning takes full advantage of natural cooling, heating, and lighting, reducing the need for artificial sources.

The home is split into two zones – entertaining and rest, connected together via a central entryway. This entry acts as an airlock, assisting in the climate & noise control within spaces.

The sleeping module was placed on the north-west side to provide privacy, views, and protection from cold winter winds. The living zone takes advantage of cooling summer cross breezes thanks to accurately located windows and glass sliding doors. Raking ceilings were chosen to maximise sunlight inside during winter. A Pergola and window awnings help protect from the summer sun, keeping the living area cool.

Sustainable Features

Carbon-neutral, formaldehyde, and VOC-free materials were selected throughout, providing health benefits and encouraging emotional well-being for residents. These materials were from renewable and sustainable sources, which have minimal impact on the environment. Other Sustainable features integral to the design were; solar panels, wood burner, a rainwater collection operation, and septic system.

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