Phillip Island House

Phillip Island House

3 Bed + 2.5 Bath, Custom Design.

This beach house is situated on a windswept grassy hill that covers Ventnor, Phillip Island. This spot overlooks the Bass Strait and a hidden surf beach, a true beach getaway.


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The Design

With these uninterrupted views of the base strait ocean comes the harsh winds that sometimes hit the coast. With clever design from our Architects, alcoves and wind-blocking techniques have been implemented so that these views are framed and shown off, minimising the unpleasant winds. These alcoves create an internal and external living space that features a place to eat, swim, and relax, still making the most of the views that make the site unique.

Designed for Life

Holiday home set upon the grassy pastures of the Phillip Island. Unique, clean minimal, all while being a maintenance-free building. It offers sweeping ocean views with an internal courtyard that provides an outdoor escape from the howling winds. The pool projects out, allowing the client to feel like they are swimming right off to sea.

This Beach House is clad with durable materials that repel the salty winds. It naturally sits proud—wrapped in a glass system and barestone product supplements this minimalist form, allowing a stark contrast to the farmland surroundings. The sauna provides relief from the cold, and houses’ ability to lock down afford the occupants to live with a lighter footprint.

Sustainable Features

Water tanks, face change material PCM, offset the vast extensive glassing.

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