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Smarter, faster and more efficient, off-site construction really is a better way to build. The controlled environment saves time, has higher quality control, creates less waste and causes less disruption.

Read on to view 5 current Arkular projects currently moving through the exciting construction phase.

Image: Howqua House

1. Howqua House

2 Bed, 2 Bath H-shaped Custom Design

The home consists of two forms joined by an entry knuckle that hug the north-facing deck, capturing the winter sun and creating a private sanctuary for the distillery.

During summer, the house expands out, opening up so that occupants can enjoy indoor-outdoor living and surrounding views.

The Howqua project is moving through construction with framing up, doors and windows in, roof insulation and plasterboard installed and external fascia and gutters added. An amazing job by our manufacturing partner! View full design details and floorplan.

Image: Howqua House

Howqua Custom Modular Home Construction.


2. Phillip Island House 

3 Bed + 2.5 Bath Coastal Beach Home

Situated on a windswept grassy hill that covers Ventnor, Phillip Island. This spot overlooks Bass Strait and a hidden surf beach, a true beach getaway.

With uninterrupted views of Bass Strait comes harsh winds. The inclusion of alcoves and wind-blocking techniques have been implemented so views of the coastal landscape can be framed whilst minimising the strong winds.

Framing is up at our Phillip Island project with construction moving along quickly. View the Phillip Island House here.

Phillip Island House Construction.

3. Kangaroo Valley House

3 Bed +2.5 Bath, Custom Rural Design

A modern bush design that reflects the simplicity of the rural vernacular, while paying close attention to detail.

The design prioritises the northern light to deliver a bright and airy home, whilst also reducing heating and cooling costs.

A butterfly roof with a box gutter and large eaves provides additional shading and weather protection throughout the varying seasons, with a chain box down pipe installed to manage water overflow.

Learn more about the Kangaroo Valley House here and keep up to date with the latest news on our socials. 

4. Cedar Brush Creek Flame Zone House

2 Bedrooms + 2.5 Bathrooms Flame Zone Home

A linear Flame Zone design that sits gently nestled along the sloping contours of the densely forested site. View Cedar Brush Creek House here.

The linear design, which sits gently nestled along the sloping contours of the site, is oriented to the northeast. This alignment allows for pleasing views down the slope and provides effective solar orientation.

A central living area opens out onto the deck, maximising indoor-outdoor living opportunities and enhancing connections with nature. Sitting alongside the deck is a large sunken outdoor area with a fireplace to make the most of the serene surroundings on cooler evenings.

Cedar Brush Creek Featured Images: Our manufacturing partner starting to install the FireSark wrap.

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