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We make the delivery and installation process of your modular home easy, fast and efficient.

Arkular partners with a select network of modular builders in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, and South Australia to take Arkular’s award-winning designs and turn them into forever homes. Our Modular Building partners deliver scale, cost-effectiveness, a national footprint, and rapid turnaround, meaning it’s never been easier to design your dream home.

Read on to learn more about what to expect from construction through to the delivery and installation of your modular home.

Why Arkular? Simplicity. Certainty. Sustainability.

The prefabricated modular manufacturing method of our homes allows for stress-free construction in a controlled facility, before being transported and assembled on-site.

The Benefits of Choosing Prefab:

Cost and Time-saving

We provide cost-effective design responses to meet your brief and budget. We deliver affordability from concept to contract with streamlined processes, shorter build times, and reduced labour costs. Prefabricated homes have a quicker turnaround due to efficient design and effective manufacturing processes.

Arkular’s modular homes employ energy-efficient design principles to maximise heating and cooling proficiency.

Flexible & Easy
Our modules form limitless design combinations allowing you to create the modular home of your dreams, with our buildings being easy to transport and install due to the use of standardised materials.

Aesthetically Pleasing
The completed building will have architectural quality and blend seamlessly into its new surroundings.

Can Arkular Service Remote & Regional Locations? Yes, We Can!

Arkular’s unique business model allows us to service remote locations across Australia.

We partner with leading modular builders in Victoria, New South Wales, ACT, Queensland, Tasmania, and SA including rural, regional and remote locations far and wide.

We love working in various environments, including urban, rural, coastal, alpine, remote off-grid locations and BAL-rated areas. Our homes are built to perform effectively in each of these environments. We’d be delighted to work with you if our trucks can access the site adequately.

Given the broad geography of our reach, our homes have to be adaptable for all climates from Antarctic winds in the South of Tasmania to the tropical conditions of North Queensland.

Time to Build Your Modular Home. 

Construction and delivery takes place during Phase 3 of the Arkular process and includes:

– Manufacturing drawings being created and reviewed by Arkular to ensure the quality of the project
– Procurement and construction undertaken by our Mmanufacturing partner
– Dwelling installation, commissioning, handed over and quality assured by Arkular. Welcome home!

The average construction time for an Arkular home is around 12 to 20 weeks. The installation takes 2+ days and an additional 2+ weeks for finishing touches, including services, external decks and pergolas. Times may vary depending on the project’s complexity and site access.

We work alongside our manufacturing supplier to ensure the quality of our product is assured and its architectural intent is maintained. Our prefab manufacturing method minimises waste production due to the controlled environment, with off-site construction also assisting in reducing noise and air pollution.

Preparing your Site – Getting Ready Before Your Modular Home Delivery. You’re in good hands.

Your site will need to be prepped and made ready for the delivery of your new home, with site preparation varying from project to project.

We generally work with an engineered pile system that provides a non-invasive footing system. We will arrange this ourselves on your behalf. If you need demolitions, excavations, or any other work done before the trucks arrive with your new home in tow, Arkular in collaboration with our manufacturing partner can assist by project managing these works for you.

Contact us to learn more about our process.

It’s Time to Install

An exciting day in the modular home journey, our Manufacturing Supplier installation team is here to deliver your home.

The home’s steel frame structure means there are no vulnerabilities in the module and no flex during lifting and lowering. We work with esteemed logistics teams that manage all facets of the transportation of our buildings. This is completed with detailed accuracy, precision and care.

It’s hard to believe, but your house will be completed in a matter of weeks, sometimes as little as 2 weeks for finishing touches, including services, external decks and pergolas (if applicable); times may vary depending on the project’s complexity and site access.

Our refined installation process demonstrates the huge benefits that modular construction has to offer, getting you from your brief to a beautiful new home sooner, with streamlined production and time-saving efficiencies.

Take a tour of our completed projects to see how our modular homes come to life. 

Image: Arkular Modular Home Installation

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From cost efficiencies to quicker build times through to efficient project management and higher quality control and flexible designs & beyond; offsite is the smarter way to build.

We are leaders and innovators in the modular space, providing high-quality architectural design paired with the best in smart technology in automation, energy efficiency and prefabricated construction.

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