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A home that loves the outside.

We are excited to unveil the newest renders for the Wilsons Promontory Beach House, a design that just moved into the construction phase in the Victorian facility, we are excited to see this take shape and be transported to the site in the coming months.

The design sits among the beach trees northwest of Wilson Promontory, an off-the-grid holiday home that eschews clichés of traditional beachside escapes – a sustainable haven where land meets the sea. For a client who understands that simplicity is where true beauty, efficiency and functionality meet.

Functional design

Designed to maximize sustainability & liveability. Careful positioning takes full advantage of natural cooling, heating, and lighting. The sleeping module was placed on the northwest side to provide privacy, views, and protection from cold winter winds. The living zone takes advantage of cooling summer cross breezes thanks to accurately located windows and glass sliding doors.

Colour Choice

The off-white base with the accent colour of green grounds to the overall home to the sandy beaches that surround the area. The open living dining area on the second level with these colours brings the outside landscape into the space and promotes an indoor-outdoor living

Layout and feeling

At Arkular, we use flat lays so that the client and the Architects can both understand and agree on the design concept and how the materials work together.

The contemporary home maintains a striking street presence and has been set very sensitively into the landscape. The introduction to the home is welcoming and creates a sense of expectation. The floor plan over the two levels is clever and generously proportioned, providing multiple living areas and a brilliant division between the private and social spaces. By being a Modern coastal Arkular design, it employs passive solar principles and thermally efficient materials, including comprehensive insulation in walls and ceilings, a north-facing orientation and expansive double glazing; the home reflect serious consideration of sustainability, style and function.


Image: Wilsons Prom Hike

Image: Wilsons Prom Beach

What makes Wilson’s Prom so special? 

The client fell in love with the area and well it’s pretty easy to see why. Wilsons Prom is a truly beautiful spot, with granite peaks and a wide array of wild natural spots and is one of the most beautiful places in Victoria. There are many physical activities from hiking, biking, and bird watching to surfing but with plenty of beaches one can also laze about on the sand and ocean and each morning and night enjoy the picturesque sunrises and sets.


The clients love to walk and explore and this home looks at the wonderful landscape which motivates them to. There are over 45 self-guided Wilsons Promontory walks ranging from gentle strolls to more difficult multi-day hikes. There are simple short walks that didn’t take more than a few hours but there are a few wonderfully serviced longer hikes that are believed to be incredible. Check out All Trails and organise a hike for the summer ahead!


Fish Creek House

A completed home nearby is the Fish Creek House. The home is split into two zones – entertaining and rest, connected together via a central entryway. This entry acts as an airlock, assisting in the climate & noise control within spaces. The whole home is light-filled and naturally ventilated by using passive design principles. Oriented towards the north to capture sunrise and moonlight. This careful positioning takes full advantage of natural cooling, heating, and lighting, reducing the need for artificial sources. With a priority for outside living and entertaining check out the full range of images on the completed projects page of Arkular.


Fresh Perspective  

At Arkular we place care and thought into the relationship of a home with its environment. Every project is designed and positioned to provide an ideal prospect, a safe refuge and an enduring sense of mystery.  As such both this design and our old build although do not look similar they share manly of the same priorities in regard to the way it reacts to the Wilson Promontory landscape.

Room with a view

Biophilic design ideas were employed to create a well-balanced atmosphere. Spatially, the final product exhibits careful consideration of its owners and the land. Each zone feels large enough for personal privacy but small enough that it encourages family relations and is easily maintained and budget-friendly. It was important that a self-sustaining garden would surround the house, therefore, large sliding doors framed by semi-sheer curtains, invite sea breezes, and plenty of light and lead to an expansive wrap-around deck, where the owners could double their liveable space, enjoy the gardens and encompassing views. 

Creating a mood of Mystery 

Building a sense of anticipation and mystery provides an incentive to explore. Embedding the home into the landscape, or situating it on a hill where it will be hidden from the road, adds a sense of exploration during the journey to the house. Obscured views, curved edges and play with shadows and light are some of the ways an Arkular design creates mystery.

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