Portsea Beach House

Portsea Beach House

‘Bunurong Country’

3 Bed + 2 Bath

This family beach house lives and breathes simplicity offering a robust and easy holiday destination.

from the

The Design

This home can open up and become one with nature or retreat inwards so that the occupants can enjoy the passive solar design. A perfect orientation allows the morning sun to stream through the east windows. As the day progresses, the large northern facade windows allow the winter sun deep penetration into the space, with eaves blocking out the less favour summer heat.

Featured specifications

The central premise of the site is to open up its outdoor areas towards a more public interface to break down the private/public zones.

Allowing opportunities for neighbours’ engagement and interaction within a beachside community where young kids can grow and be part of the lives of their neighbours.

©Tatjana Plitt

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