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Our Top 5 Interior Trends for 2023

The post-pandemic years are bringing significant shifts within the interior design space, with greater importance being placed on spaces for socialising, personal style, and curating for comfort.

Read on as we reflect on 5 interior design styles that we believe will dominate in 2023, to help inspire you with some creative ideas and insight.

1. Modern Maximalist Design 

The trend of maximalism seems to be staying in 2023, with interiors reflecting the personality and uniqueness of those within.

Maximalism is all about showing your individuality, intertwining contemporary design features with trinkets and personal heirlooms, to create a modern yet homely space that brims with meaning.

Maximalist design is deep-rooted in history, with people throughout the ages tending to showcase their affluence through their possessions. In modern times, the adaptation of maximalist design centres on showcasing the styles, accessories and homewares that people love, to add flair and personality.

Our Fish Creek House is an excellent example of modern maximalist design, with the home mindfully designed to reflect the client’s individuality and personal style.

With a distinctly Australian aura, the interiors have been coated with Dulux Army Fatigue, creating a calm, nurturing space to relax. The green hue harmonises effortlessly with blackbutt timber floors and copper, tan, and matte black accents, to create a delightful mix of modernity and charm.

2. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design will be a big trend in 2023!

When designing an interior space, physical, mental and emotional needs are essential to consider to develop a positive human experience with our surrounding environment.

Biophilic design centres on our connection to nature, in order to improve our mental health and well-being.

The Agricultural Lakehouse implements Biophilic design principles, to create a relaxing retreat that has a continuous connection with nature. This has been achieved by:

* Careful orientation to ensure an abundance of natural light floods the space

* Inclusion of expansive decking so occupants can sit amongst the peaceful landscape

* Ensuring a visual connection to the water supply outside the dwelling

View the Agricultural Lakehouse. 

3. Colour Trends for 2023

2023 is the year of self-expression, with bold and lively colours set to explode in popularity in the design industry. Some of our top picks include:

Pantone – Magenta

Pantone has announced their colour of the year as Viva Magenta 18-750, describing it as ‘vibrating with vim and vigour.’ The shade is rooted in nature, descending from the red colour family and is seen as an expression of strength and determination.

Dulux Shades of green

Dulux Nephrite, a beautiful shade of eucalyptus green, has been chosen within the Balance Dulux colour palette of the year. Pairing well with neutral colours such as White Duck Half or Terrace White, the shade can work as a main wall colour both internally and externally.

Neutral Hues

With the importance of serenity and comfort in our homes, the natural colours of wasabi, stone and charcoal will continue to be seen throughout 2023. Drawing inspiration from hiking, gardening and cooking, these tones speak of calm, comfort and connection.

4. Dining Room Dalliance

With the fast-paced world of today continuing to consume us, sitting down and savouring a meal has become a rarity. In 2023, we believe we will see the resurgence of the dining room and all the positive benefits that will arise from having a space to sit, eat and socialise with our nearest and dearest.

In France, eating a meal is identified as an important pleasure of life, which is why French people complement their surrounding environment in order to enhance this pleasure. This is done by using attractive plates, cutlery napkins and glassware, and utilising the time to sit down, connect and savour a home-cooked meal made with love.

Further benefits of eating at a table, include:

  1. Slowing Down – It takes a stand against the feelings of stress and anxiety by putting the basic human need of eating first
  2. Being Present – Consuming meals around a table assists with being present at the moment and helping you to eat consciously
  3. Building Connections – When eating with friends or loved ones, sitting around a table is the perfect time to create meaningful memories and opportunities to connect

5. Comfort Core

After the turbulent last few years, the longing for connection, comfort, and safety within our spaces will continue to grow with importance within 2023.

Our homes have become havens for us to feel safe, relaxed and to connect with our family and friends. The inclusion of calming interiors has become almost a necessity to alleviate the stressors of everyday life.

Comfort core explores the idea of how a home feels, rather than how it looks. This means introducing comfort into our space through the use of tactile textures, natural materials and organic shapes.

Another way of introducing comfort into your home is by creating spaces dedicated to reflection and mindfulness, to counteract the chaos of modern life. Allocate a quiet spot within your home with a comfy chair, free of technology and clutter to simply sit and relax.

Looking to introduce some comfortable additions to your home?

Looking to add some relaxing additions to your home? Our top 3 comforting homewares perfect for any space, are:

1. Hommey Big Boucle Cushion in Natural 
2. Fenton & Fenton Luna Throw Blanket in Luna 
3. Bed Threads French Flax Linen Bedspread in Stripe 

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