What’s the Deal with Solar Energy?

An increasing number of households are choosing to install solar panels in their home to help reduce their carbon footprint, bills and costs. By using the power that you’ve generated on your own roof, you can save hundreds each year and become less reliant on the power grid.

Read on to learn why solar could be a good option for you.

Let’s Go Solar

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, throughout the year our country bakes under the relentless sun.

Australia is not called the Sunburnt Country for nothing: we experience more solar radiation per square kilometre on average than anywhere else in the world. The Sun gives us 10,000 times the energy annually than Australians consume in a year, with the utilisation of solar panels allowing us to make the most of this incredibly large and renewable source of energy.

Solar electricity panels capture the Sun’s energy and convert it into electricity that we can use in the home to power our appliances.

Energy from the Sun can also be used to warm your water and to heat your home. Heating water can account for up to one-third of a typical home electricity bill. Even just heating your household’s water with a solar hot water system can make a difference to the amount of energy you draw from the grid.

Advantages of Choosing Solar

Many variables impact the cost and savings associated with solar panels. As a whole, solar panel systems will provide payback within 4-5 years, with high-quality solar power systems delivering savings for up to 25 years.

According to Solar Victoria:

“Installing rooftop solar panels saves the average Victorian household $1,073 on their annual energy bills. And in doing so, households reduce their overall carbon emissions, which helps to tackle climate change.”

The environmental advantages of opting for solar include:

1. Using less water
2. Reducing air pollution
3. Reducing your carbon footprint

From reducing greenhouse gases to improving air quality and conserving water, solar energy can help to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and lower energy prices for years to come.