Barwon Heads House

Barwon Heads House

4 Bed + 3 Bath

This design offers a high level of liveability and functionality that works into the environment in a non-intrusive manner. This care and mindset is always a priority from the Arkular team as we know how important the natural landscape is and how to capture it respectfully. 

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The Design

The clean lines, calming colour palette and maximising natural light causes the house to promote a life free from distractions. This idea is reinforced by being a singular storey dwelling with a personalised nature flow that allows for modern minimalism—done right by Arkulars ability to produce such high-quality clean finishes.

Testimonial – Client Review

In the Victorian coastal town of Barwon Heads, John O’Donnell says building his modular home was a precise and seamless experience.

“It was great, because it meant what they said it would cost was exactly what it cost, as opposed to building your own house, where there always seems to be vast numbers of things that go wrong,” he says. Using a customisable modular home design from Arkular, he created a five-bedroom house using two main modules and a joining module which acts as a corridor.

John says the simplicity of modular design meant he was not encouraged to “build the Taj Mahal” but had enough design choices to shape his project into much more than a box.

“I’ve had lots of comments, because there is a walking track not very far from there, so a lot of local people see it.

“The look of it is good, it’s got a character of its own and it’s really easy to look after and to live in.”

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