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As architects and design lovers, we respect the uniqueness of varying architecture from around the world and enjoy sharing different architectural and design work to inspire and educate.

Take a look below at some incredible designs that have inspired us recently.

California – Envelope Architecture & Design

Sunday design escape. The Forest House by Envelope A+D @envelopead is the ideal retreat from the distractions and noise of city life.

Rather than a singular building, the house comprises a cluster of tent cabins. Three sleeping quarters and a living-dining area rise into the forest canopy on stilts and are linked by wooden paths and open gathering places.

The tented roofs and vanishing walls create an immersive experience within the natural setting, while large clear and mirrored-bronze glass windows frame views of the landscape and neighboring rooms.

Wood walls and floors lend warmth and support the comforts of modern living deep within the forest.

View more about the design here. 

Finland – Project-Ö

A minimalist off-grid coastal cabin in the Finnish Archipelago. Project-Ö is totally self-sufficient, using solar power for energy and filtered sea water for drinking.

The buildings pays tribute to the traditional Finnish archipelago aesthetics, including a cabled roof, long eaves, extended gutters and vertical cladding.

The vision was to have all things necessary with as little space as possible. All individual spaces have been designed to be as compact as they can without compromising the functionality and comfort.

The interior’s minimalist aesthetic is achieved through the use of wooden boards and black feature for contemporary comfort.

View design here.

South Africa – Verloren Cabin by Huizen Living & Vanslabb Architects

Inspired by the stunning South African landscape, The Verloren Cabin is a secluded retreat surrounded by 1000 hectares of rugged mountainous scenery.

Sustainability was key during the construction process, with great care taken to reduce environmental impact by using locally sourced, recycled and eco-friendly materials and services.

The modular method of manufacturing allowed the cabin to be built within such a remote South African location, with no heavy machinery or environmentally harmful products used throughout the entire process and solar panels installed to reduce the cabin’s carbon footprint

Equipped with a full kitchen, wood-fired hot tub, outside bath, shower and fireplace, this secluded spot provides the ultimate space to unwind and reconnect with nature.

View more about the design here. 

Uruguay – Sacramonte Landscape Hotel Shelters

Prefab architecture cabins immersed in the landscape, the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel Shelters from @mapaarq disappear into the picturesque terrain.

Clad externally in mirrored glass and timber logs, 13 cabins are scattered across the property, with each one including a private deck and circular pool.

The cabins were prefabricated and then transported to the site in one day, with the light steel frames elevated on shallow platforms made from local stones.

Sustainability was an essential requirement for the project, with environmental considerations including prefabricated buildings, the use of local materials, low-emissivity glass, electric cars for transportation, sourcing spring water and an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system.

Internally, the cabins are sliced into two longitudinal strips with the bathroom and kitchenette on the back allowing the living and sleeping area on the front to enjoy the uninterrupted views of the Sierra courtesy of full-height glazing.

Learn more about these incredible designs here.

Sweden – A House by Studio Nav 

The small residence by @studio__nav on the islet of Lilla Kilskäret references Mies van der Rohe – but with wood and a pitched roof.

Apart from the glazing, the exterior is dark in colour, as applicable to the corrugated metal roof and the pinewood board on the blind wall, painted in the “slamfärg” colour typical of the region. The architects used birch plywood panels for interior walls and roof surfacing and Douglas fir for the floor.

Indoors the house consists of a single room solely divided by an inserted core in lightweight concrete block masonry separating the bedroom from the dining and living area. Certain parallels to the Farnsworth type are undeniable, albeit in greatly reduced form.

A handful of houses scattered on an islet 200 x 100 m in size – those in search of peace are sure to find it on Lilla Kilskäret in the skerry archipelago some 50 km east of Stockholm.

The small house erected there by Studio Nāv for a young couple has electricity but is otherwise completely self-sufficient. A wood-burning fireplace provides heat, water comes from a nearby spring, the sea takes the place of a shower or bath and an outhouse set a little way off takes care of further needs.

A stunning display of minimal Nordic architecture, view more about the design here.

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